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Different Types of Loose Fitting - Swim Shirts

Loose Fit rash guards are a new trend, particularly favored by women who are modest and don't want the form fitting style that hugs the body. The athletic fit is not always the right choice, as some people just want to be casual with a comfortable loose fitting swim shirt to go swimming in. Some women are a little bit larger and don't feel good in a tight lycra and nylon shirt, so these loose fit rash guard shirts of are becoming a popular product. Surely there are also some men who prefer the more casual attire and want the loose fitting style also. All that applies for the women here probably also applies to men. The loose fit rash guard can be found in select stores only, and is often made with special material and comes with a slightly higher price.

Womens Loose Fit

Women's rash guards are becoming more popular as women find the need to protect themselves from sunburn and become more involved in outdoor recreational activities. Women are now participating is all kinds of water sports like surfing, wake boarding, windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, swimming, kayaking, and other activities. As women and girls explore their active lifestyles they are discovering the value of the rash guard shirt for much of the same reasons as men. Sun and rash protection and a sun safety practice combined with comfortable materials that are durable, stylish, and affordable make a lot of sense. These smart women are wearing rash guards that they buy in surf shops, at sporting events, and now even in department stores. Rashguards for women are being sold more conveniently than ever. This is great because women deserve the comfort and benefits of wearing these amazing products. The girls and women's styles come in long sleeve, short sleeve, and a special feminine cap sleeve that affords them more freedom of movement and a stylish approach to wearing what could be a rather unstylish piece of clothing. When these girls and women's rashguards get wet they droop and might make a lady uncomfortable as the garment becomes form fitting. For these situations the loose fit rash guard for women is a great option, allowing extra material for comfort and all the normal benefits of a regular rashguard shirt. Some women and girls enjoy the Roxy brand, which usually comes with more design, the presence of a logo, and a higher price.

Mens Loose Fit

Mens rash guards are great for many different activities that men like to enjoy. Sports and recreational outdoor activities like mma, martial arts, water sports, surfing, scuba diving, and many others often require the protection of a rash guard shirt to help avoid bothersome rash. Rash guards also block the damaging ultra violate rays of the sun, so they will protect you from sunburn as well. Men can find rash guards in many different styles, sizes, colors, and thicknesses. Some men like the short sleeve while others like the long sleeve. Short sleeve is good when you want more freedom and flexibility, and long sleeve have the benefit of added rash and sun protection on the arm. There are a wide range of colors available, but the most popular ones are the blue and black styles. Some men prefer logo imprinted rashguards, while others prefer the blank simple ones. Different thicknesses are available for men who do extreme sports like grappling or mma, when they require enhanced durability while engaged in the more abrasive activities.

Kids Loose Fit

Kids rash guards are great because they provide children sun protection so they can play and enjoy beach or swimming activities without the threat of sunburn. Parents get to relax knowing their child is protected with the special sun protection factors that are a standard in rash guard swimwear and generally enhanced by the lycra and nylon fabric composition of the kids and toddlers rash guard shirts. Whether it be swimming lessons, summer camps, family vacations or trips to the beach, kids and toddlers need rashguards for safety. Everywhere these days you see kids swimming in pools wearing these swim shirts as they check in with mom or dad to double up on face sunblock. The beaches are packed with young children wearing rash guards as they go out body boarding and surfing, which by the way is another great use for them. Many young surfers wear these performance apparel products underneath their wetsuits for rash protection. Sometimes they go surfing in just the rashguard by itself, as they are actually quite comfortable to surf in and look cool when you ride waves in them. When a kid is surfing and wearing a colorful rash guard he or she is easier to spot in the water, which surely parents appreciate as they are trying to keep track of their loved ones at the beach.

Long Sleeve Loose Fit

Long sleeve rash guards are great when somebody needs a little extra protection on the arm. The sun becomes extremely harsh in certain tropical areas, and if you are traveling on surf trips to the tropics a long sleeve style is going to benefit you. The longer sleeve will help block sun, and help you avoid overexposure to environmental elements you might not be ready for in the foreign areas. Sometimes mosquitos get aggressive in the tropical surfing destinations, so a long sleeve rashguard will be a great asset to your vacation and travels.

Short Sleeve Loose Fit

Short Sleeve rash guards are wonderful because the protect the main part of your body from rash and sunburn while offering you the freedom and flexibility of a normal t-shirt. Some people like their arms exposed and do not feel they need the extra sleeve for protection. Many people these days prefer the shorter sleeve, which is offered by every brand in many styles and is often significantly cheaper. Surfers generally prefer the shorter sleeves because they want their arms free.

Made in the U.S.A.

Made In The USA

The Made in the U.S.A. guarantee is often overlooked by shoppers who don't not realize that something manufactured overseas won't give them the proper protection or durability they deserve. Every shirt we offer is handcrafted right here in Surf City (Huntington Beach, California) so you can be sure you're getting a top quality product from us. Whether you're into surfing, ju jitsu, grappling, scuba diving or just enjoying the beach, we've got a size and color for you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

30 Years of manufacturing experience has taught us a lot about making a high quality product. We insist that all the products we make meet our high quality standards, so we can guarantee our customers more value through our product. Our quality control procedures during manufacturing ensure that each shirt meets the specifications we've proven enhance sun and rash protection, increase comfort and flexibility, and offer you something stylish all at once.

Giving Back

Giving Back

American Red Cross, Limbs For Life, Surfing For Autism, the YMCA, and Heal The Bay are just a few of the great causes we are proud to support. If you are a 501(c)(3) non-profit group we'd love to give you a discount or donation. We even offer screen printing of logos, custom order options, and large quantities for shops, teams, events, promotional companies, and organizations. Need a more durable lycra for mma or martial arts? No problem. We do everything. Just let us know how we can help.

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