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16400 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 218 Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (949) 494-0007

complaint 2 We do not have any major complaints about Orange County SEO but its important that you read this review. Originally when we signed up for the Platinum SEO package, Tyler Collins from OC SEO promised search engine ranking results for our keywords within 3-4 months, without any work needing to be done by us. We agreed to pay for services upfront, with a discount they offered, and we were to receive 3 extra press releases for our campaign. We did not attend the SEO workshop they offer.


review 2 The first thing that we will mention in our Orange County SEO review, was that we not only had one point of contact for our account, but several. We started off with what they called a "boarding call" where we were introduced to numerous people that would be handling different components of the marketing plan. This was a nice change, because we have worked with other SEO companies in Orange County in the past and have been given the runaround by a so-called "project manager" and work never got done regardless of how much we complained. The experience here was much different, much better from the beginning, as it started off with being introduced to a PR coordinator, an analyst, and project manager, and a SEO manager. We can't review with complaints about that.


orange county seo reviews We found it very surprising that we'd have so many people working on our SEO, but as the process began we realized how important it was to have multiple people working on an SEO campaign. What became very clear was that it takes a group to do SEO correctly and completely for any given site. At least, that's the experience we had with ours. Granted, our site was quite a mess. The former SEO company in Orange County had caused problems in our site and our staff had a hard time managing the orders and inquiries, but the Orange County SEO review of our situation helped and they fixed all the problems with our contact forms, our shopping cart payment processing, and the newsletter and chat features. This felt like a gift because it wasn't within the scope of SEO work they had planned. They told us that "if our site wasn't working correctly, the traffic they bring won't convert to sales and your business won't be successful" .. um ok.. yes, true, thank you. No complaints here.


complaints 3 Our website increased in the rankings quicker than they promised. We still don't understand all the "linking" work they do but we do know that the press releases and content marketing (like article blogging and social media sharing) brought in a lot of traffic and they say that its the reason we now have the top rankings.


oc seo complaints Our sales have increased by 36% from organic search traffic after only 7 months of working with OC SEO. They keep saying that we aren't even close to what we could be doing and they want more time but we are already so happy that we will continue and see what happens.


reviews Our website reviews from customers have increased substantially. Before Orange County SEO, complaints were coming in every day either about our website or our shopping cart, shipping etc. Now our positive reviews are consistently and all of our complaints have been resolved. Complaints from customers can be such a nightmare. They can bring down your entire business but if you have a reliable team that can help you with your website and Internet marketing in OC, you can change that whole experience into a positive one full of positive reviews.


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complaints oc They finished another process of redesigning our website and so far its going very smooth. They introduced a new person (yes another person) that manages the web design department who helped us figure out how to structure our website better for ecommerce. We didn't know that the design of the store had anything to do with sales but the conversion stuff they added seems to be working well. Our store conversion rate is now above 2% which before it was only below 1%.


reviews 3 If you are considering Orange County SEO, review our results first, then consider them for website design or search engine optimization. Hopefully this review of their services helps you in your decision. We admit we have no complaints about Orange County SEO.


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